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"Wij helpen sportclubs en coaches in het activeren van hun potentieel via het stimuleren van professionaliteit, ondernemerszin en welbevinden"

E-Learning Multi SkillZ Certification Course

Multi SkillZ Academy Coach Training in English or Dutch in your home country

E-Learning Multi SkillZ Certification Course - your home country
Multi SkillZ Academy Coach Training in English or Dutch

Tue 30 june 2020 - Thu 31 december 2020
(E-learning, Education without leaving home)
For Multi SkillZ Academies & Start-ups only
Multi SkillZ Spirit Method Mastery Skiller Vision Multi SkillZ Coaching Academy business
Become a Multi SkillZ Coach

Exclusive E-learning for Multi SkillZ Licensees &
 Start-ups 2020/2021
Start your Multi SkillZ Academy

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Apply to start in 2020 or 2021
Included in your license fee 

No extra charges for you and your coaches

NOW from € 750.00 for only € 0.00

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In the Multi SkillZ E-learning Certification Course you learn:
  • how to achieve motor skills more effectively in a creative way
  • how to convert exercises into challenging drills
  • the core principles to achieve better learning and results
  • how to easily get a lot of physical activity with little material
  • how to create Multi SkillZ exercices and game forms
  • how to make your children cooperate with fun
  • excercises that stimulate all motor components
  • how to integrate Multi SkillZ in your lessons and program
  • how to make simple interventions to achieve targets more effectively
  • how to make progressions & tailor your approach to the needs of the child
  • how to create more impact with your coaching
On top of that you get the chance to expand your network and get in contact with other Multi SkillZ Coaches. After all, you don't develop and grow on your own! Coaches who understand and help each other, worldwide. 
Invest in yourself and activate your potential! This unique course gives your skills and inspiration a huge boost!

Normal price: € 750.00
Your investment NOW only € 0.00

Is this course something for you?

This E-learning course (available in June from 2020 on)  for coaches of Multi SkillZ Academies (or Multi SkillZ Start-Ups 2020/2021) who want to invest in themselves and improve their skills.  After this Multi SkillZ Masterclass you are Multi SKillZ Coach Certified. This course replaces the International 3-day certification training in 2020 to get you started more easily: at your time, at your home and low cost but with the same Multi SkillZ quality standards!
If you are not a Multi SkillZ License holder but you are interested in starting up a Multi SkillZ Academy in 2020, check out the information on our website. You can apply for a Multi SkillZ License to become a Multi SkillZ Coach and run a recognized Multi SkillZ Academy. 

Multi SkillZ LicenZ in short:
  • Rights to offer recognised brand Multi SkillZ  - Recognised Multi SkillZ Academy
  • Access included to E-learning course to become a certified Multi SkillZ coach
  • Access to exclusive Academy management platform (lesson plans, branding, communication templates, business plan,etc.)
  • Access to over 1.000 Multi SkillZ created drills for you and your coaches: DrillZ, TotZ, 1 Sports and SerieZ (Academy only drills) to put quality into practice
  • Start-up fee and monthly fee (min. 24 months) according to your category to get and keep access to all the support 
  • Multi SkillZ ToolZ package included (value €400) with sports materials, clothing and branding to get you started!
Discover more info on the Multi SkillZ LicenZ
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via 

Who is your coach in the course?

Kenneth Bastiaens

Kenneth Bastiaens
Kenneth is director Coach2Competence & creator of Multi SkillZ. 
Kenneth strongly believes in growing as a coach to better develop and create more value for others. He is a passionate trainer who knows how to translate scientific knowledge into sports training.
Kenneth created the Multi SkillZ method to better prepare children for sports & life, regardless of their age, level or predisposition.
He is committed to inspire & educate coaches & teachers around the world to always follow a skill-based buttom-up strategy for durable development.
The long way, the right way.
Kenneth is driven to grow your coaching and skill you up to become a Multi SkillZ Coach. With Multi SkillZ you can assure a high quality skill-based buttom-up development. You will learn how to get more out of the time being with your boys & girls: more action + faster learning = better improvement. 
Kenneth loves to help fellow coaches and their athletes by sharing his passion, insights and knowledge.
Since 2014 Kenneth creates skill-based development programs with National Sports Federation to innovate their training-approach: Football, Tennis, Hockey, Basketball, Gymnastics, ... Besides he continues to train High Performance Coaches in The Netherlands and for British Tennis (LTA).
Get inspired & energized!

Dates & times

Available in June 2020!

Not a license holder yet? A license is needed to enter the exclusive E-learning course. Discover more about the Multi SkillZ License

Subcribe for E-learning here and you will get further instructions on how to get access to the course and complete the modules. 


Payment for the E-learning course is included in your license fee, no extra charges for you and your Academy coaches. More info on the license fee and support.

Do you have questions?

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions: 
Mobile: +32 485 74 73 18

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